Join Original Sinners

Original Sinners members hail from across the planet with pilots from the forests of Canada to the Australian outback. Our strongest showing is currently in late USTZ.
We have roots stretching back deep into the history of New Eden. Some of our members have been flying together for nearly a decade, while some of our members came to us as green newbros.
We don’t care very much about ISK, assets or skillpoints, although we don’t deny their usefulness. We care about how well you’ll fit in with our group of spaceship nerds. If you value laughs/hour over ISK/hour and can handle being the butt of the joke when it’s your turn, chances are you’ll find yourself amongst friends.
PvP is our member’s main focus. Solo, small gang roaming, black ops, fleet and capital engagements, we don’t care so long as we get to shoot some other spaceship nerd. That said, ISK does have it’s uses and our members take advantage of the numerous methods available to generate their own. Lowsec missioning and wormhole operations are the two most common in our corp.
Our corp has only two, simple rules. 1: Don’t be an asshole. 2: Have Fun.
Original Sinners is a member of Northern Coalition.

Eve Corp

What our corp can offer:

– FC’s active daily
– Black Ops drops
– Small gang roams
– Battleship fleets
– Capital Escalations
– JF Logistics

What we’re looking for:

– Active players
– Good personality, with a good sense of humor
– Ability to fly alliance doctrines
– PvP experience
– Cap pilot, either main or alt – Dread/Carrier

What we require:

– Full API for every account
– Use of Mumble / discord with a  working Mic
– Self-Sufficient for ISK

Join our discord server and ask for Steve, Kaspa, Dirt or Sendael